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Why  DeMEPA in general

DeMEPA  has been just created to meet,  in a competitive and excellent way, the new requirements of the energy market with a high degree of flexibility and knowledge.

For this reason, a team of Senior Advisors  and Business Development Managers, having  more than 30  years of experience, decided to put  together their experience and knowledge to create DeMEPA, with the goal to reach, in a short – medium time,  a technical reference position in the  market.

In the last twenty years the sectors with the biggest growth and expansion were information technologies, telecommunication, robotics, biotechnologies; but nobody indicated the electric and the energy sector as a potential next booming one.

The electric system  was considered mature, with no need of serious developments and innovations on equipments.  The attention was only focused on the power system operation, the network interconnections and the reorganisation of the companies through  restructuring, liberalisation, unbundling, opening to the market.

The business idea was, at that time, to manage in the efficient way a system (and its equipments) considered intrinsically old.

Today the situation dramatically changed: the electrical sector (and in general the   energy  one) represents the new frontier of research, innovation,  developments and investments.

 Nowadays the key words are:

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Improve energy efficiency: in the grids, through reduction of losses,  and by integration of renewable and distributed generation,
  • Enhance efficiency  in electricity supply
  • Adequate the capacity of transmission and distribution grids for “collecting” and bringing to the consumers the electricity generated from all sources;
  • Strongly promote  the active and smart grids
  • Strength operational security,
  • Put effective the unbundling of networks with the development of harmonised European network rules
  • Uniform the grid connection and the access for all kind of grid users;
  • Improve  electricity market efficiency,
  • Strength the integration of telecommunication and internet technologies.

United States, European Union, Russia, China, India have already planned strong investments in new infrastructures  and performing  equipments, but above all in the modernisation of  the existing ones.

This situation is deeply modifying the approach to:

  • design,  production, transmission, distribution and  use of electricity
  • replace,  maintain and revamp rapidly aging electric power infrastructures (and equipment and subsystems)

This evolution of the electricity market (the appearance of new technologies and actors, the need for managing complex and distributed systems, the need for giving responses to environmental and energy security in a competitive framework), is now creating new requirements, asking answers coming also from the world of Engineering and Consulting Companies. If there is a serious offer related to the consultancies and studies for the electrical power system, the situation is totally different for the electrical  infrastructures. Now, in this field, the international offer is not structured yet and is characterised by many actors (consulting and testing companies, manufacturers, engineering companies, universities),  but only a few  are dedicated companies on the infrastructures  with a whole-view and an integrated approach, covering the entire life cycle of the equipments.

This is what DeMEPA aims to.

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