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DeMEPA – Management of  human  resources

DeMEPA  team is composed of highly qualified and  experts specialised in different fields, always capable of forming teams that can fully meet the requirements of the markets.

In particular DeMEPA team is constituted by:

  • Partners
  • Employees
  • Sales and marketing  Representatives
  • Friend Experts
  • Friend Business Developers
  • Friend Companies
DeMEPA experts have an extensive experience in leading international joint venture for international projects and their  track record demonstrates the capacity for the successful completion of the required work. These  experts are all multilingual and thanks to their international experience (technical, economical, financial, managerial and administrative) they are used to working in a multicultural environment.

In addition to the permanent staff members, DEMEPA can draw on the experience of  its international network of Friend Experts and Friend Companies  dealing with specific technical  and economical aspects. To guarantee the successful results DeMEPA pay attention  on a careful selection of experts for each business.

Moreover, an important element in the quality assurance frame, is to choice for each project an experienced Project Director, who is responsible for all organisational and monitoring aspects of the project.

The Project Director has available back  office personnel to support the project, if requested.

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