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Corso sui Trasformatori di Potenza per TPC (Taiwan Power Company)


Advanced Training Course on: Large Power Transformer Technology and Business

On 21 and 22 October 2013, DeMEPA organized in his office a Training course especially addressed to TPC (Taiwan Power Company) – Construction Department.

The program was particularly focused on:

  1. General on Testing Laboratories
  2. High Power Laboratory (Configuration and Performed tests)
  3. High Voltage Laboratory ( Configuration and Performed tests)
  4. General on Power Transformers
  5. Main tests on Power Transformers
  6. Market trend on High Power Components (Transformers Included)
  7. The business framework of Large Transformers
Les Cours a vu come rèlateurs:
  • Riccardo Avigni
  • Angelo Geroli
  • Ferruccio Giornelli
The Course was hold by the folloing teachers:
  • Alfonso Caccia Dominioni
  • Ettore Figini

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