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DeMEPA and Large Electrical Laboratories

New DeMEPA service portfolio  addressed to the Large Electrical Laboratories for testing Electromechanical and Power Electromechanical Components

The distinctive competence of DeMEPA in the sector of the Large Laboratories originates from the long experience of DeMEPA staff gained in:

  • over 35 years in the management of Large Laboratories, such as CESI Group (CESI – Milano, IPH – Berlin and FGH – Mannheim)
  • in the design and/or construction of more than 35  laboratories in different countries.
DeMEPA can support the Customers for all the stages of the Construction, such as:
  • Prefeasibility and feasibility
  • Basic Design
  • Detailed Design, include the specification of special components.
  • Support to the Tender phase
  • Surveillance activity
  • Type testing
  • Commissioning and Operation
  • First Trial operation

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