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DeMEPA at Energy Conference of Potenza

DeMEPA participation to the conference Energy Community held in Potenza on November 12, 2012.

DeMEPA presented two important papers to the Conference of Potenza, in particolare:

  • The development of the Active and Smart Microgrids
  • The application of the Micro Grid in a local context
The presentations, syntezing the activities now a day in progress, are prepared by:

  • Riccardo Avigni
  • Ferruccio Giornelli
  • Fabio Leopaldi
  • Pasquale Motta
Moreover Pasquale Motta and Ferruccio Giornelli (DeMEPA) partecipated to the Round Table with the partecipation of key persons of Basilicate Region, Potenza Provincia, Legambiente, CNR ans some small local municipalities

The initiative had big success of public and local press

link Conferenza_Potenza_FGiornelli.ppsx


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