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DeMEPA Censorship on High Voltage Power Equipment – English version

DeMEPA Censorship on High Voltage Power Equipment & Systems in Europe and North America at Taiwan Research Institute “TRI” held in Taipei on October 5th, 2011

Mr. Ettore Figini (Partner and Vice President) and Mr. Roberto Iorio (Partner and Senior Advisor) held a magisterial lecture presenting a technical and business survey on the main trends of the Electrical Power System.

More than a hundred businessmen, technicians and scientists participated to the meeting. Personalities from the world of Electromechanical Manufacturers, System Integrators, Import & Export Companies, as well as Ministries, Research Centres and Universities were present.

At the end of the meeting, an interesting debate with the public has been arranged, dealing possible technical analogies and possible symmetries (or asymmetries) between the West and the Asian market (especially with regard to the situation in Taiwan).

NB: this conference may  be repeated in other International Locations if requested.

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