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意大利和中国光伏市场建立 – “中意合资企业”评估 Censorship on PV applications



Censorship on: Assesment of Italian and chinese PV market and technologies for the evaluation of the interest to establish a Sino Italian enterpreneurial initiative

On May 31st 2012, Eng. Lucia Giornelli held a Censorship at TPC (Taiwan Power Company) Renewable Energy Department on the following items:

  • Renewable Energy Outlook
  • PV application, Technology and Market
  • PV supply chain, financing and investment return analysis
  • Establishment of a PV Sino – European Joint Venture
The Research activities have been performed in cooperation with DeMEPA senior Experts

The conference was a great success and was attended by the most important Taiwanese experts in the field of Renewable Energy

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