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International Accreditation of Electrical Laboratories

Support to the International Accreditation of Large Electrical Laboratories.  

DeMEPA is now a day able to offer to his clients this strategic services

The Large Laboratories are more and more  interested in obtaining the International Accreditation.

The Accreditation is useful to demonstrate to the market the high level reached in terms of performances, organization of the Laboratory and the quality of the services.

The achievement of this objective may have undoubted Commercial advantages  which:

  • Strengthening  the market positioning  in terms of image and brand
  • Increasing the  revenues
  • and also the increasing of tariffs and prices due to the new market positioning
Obviously the International  Accreditation must be preceded by the achievement of the local   accreditation.

The image and the brand of the Laboratory  will depend not only on advanced technology and trained people but also to the membership with Lowag ( and STL Organisation (

The achievement of so important result (the International Accreditation) is not only a problems of procedures and compliance of rules on quality, measurement accuracy, quality organisation and skill of technicians,  but it is also a problem to manage relationship with the Competitors: in other ways to be accepted in the Community of Top Level Laboratories.

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