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DeMEPA and the Electromechanical and Power Electronics Manufacturers

DeMEPA presents his new services addressed to the Electromechanical and Power Electronics Manufacturers

Thanks to the large International Experience of his staff and his Friend Expert network, DeMEPA is now able to offer to the market a complete service portfolio consisting of:

  • Technical support in  designing new Components or also in the reengineering of the existing ones.
  • Marketing support in finding new  markets, technological and commercial partners and solutions, etc.
 The distinctive competence of DeMEPA in the support of the business of Manufacturers originates from the long experience of DeMEPA staff gained in the cooperation with:
  • Large Electrical Laboratories, such as  CESI Group (CESI – Milano, IPH – Berlin and FGH – Mannheim)
  • European Manufacturers, such as: ABB, Siemens, Pirelli (today Prysman), Magrini, Merlin Gerin, etc.
In their long experience, DeMEPA staff and friend experts made business  with at least 80 International Manufacturers

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