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Global DeMEPA Service Portfolio

DeMEPA is particularly focused on:

  • Business and strategical advices, such as:
    • Product Development and Market Internationalization;
    • Laboratory re-organisation;
    • Assessment of new markets and/or new products opportunities;
    • Commercial Due Diligence;
    • Business plan;
  • Prefeasibility and feasibility studies, relevant to:
    • MV and HV power system,
    • HP and HV Components,
    • Large Electrical laboratories;
  • Design activities, such as:
    • Basic Design;
    • Detailed Design;
    • Tender specification;
  • Owner Engineering activities, in particular:
    • Specification review;
    • Design review;
    • Support to the manufacturing phase;
    • Acceptance activities;
    • Support to the commissioning phase;
    • Trial support;
    • Failure analysis;
    • Maintenance plan review;
    • Life extension;
  • Re- engineering activities, in particular:
    • Refurbishment and/or improvement activities;
  • Research and innovation activities;
  • Training and dissemination activities.

DeMEPA services are addressed to:

  • T&D Electrical Utilities, TSO (Transmission System Operator), DSO (Distribution System Operator) and Ministries of Energy;
  • Electromechanical and Power Electronic Manufacturers and System Integrators;
  • Large Electrical Laboratory Owners;
  • Research Centres;
  • Investors.

DeMEPA is involved in those cases where the following items are critical for the success of the Client’s initiatives:

  • Electrical Backbones & Infrastructures, HVDC links, Submarine cables;
  • Product Development and Market Internationalization;
  • New way to verify quality and performances of Electromechnical and Power Electronic components;
  • New way to plan, operate and maintain power system network;
  • Construction of a brand new laboratory or acquisition of an existing laboratory, or reengineering of an existing laboratory;
  • Reengineering of existing power system

Finally where it is necessary to have an Independent Impartial approach (thus not ideological), already tried on the field and in different context at international levels.

In all these cases, DeMEPA represents the ideal partner and it is practically irreplaceable

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