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Support in the Design and Construction of new products. DeMEPAsupports the client for the following services:

  • Support in the design of new products, with the job training activities for technical personnel (designer and production engineer). This solution is particularly suitable when the client does not have the time and/or the internal resources are not adequate. The long term experience of DeMEPA shows that in this situation the best solution for the client is to accompany the design activity with the “on the job training “ for the internal designers.
  • Support in the design and construction of new products. This service is particularly adequate when the client, through a design and production discontinuity, wishes to produce components/systems that are significantly different from those actually in production. In this case the consulting activity is focused more on supporting the design of the new product line, that will have as “starting point” the design of the above mentioned product. DeMEPA’s support includes also the assistance to testing activities in external laboratories during the development phase and the certification process of new equipments.
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