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R&D  and Innovation Portfolio

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DeMEPA is strongly focuses  on the R&D  and the Innovation, in particular:

  • activities performed for third parties
  • activities performed in partnerships with other companies and organization, financed or co-financed by Italian Ministries, European Commission and other international institutions
  • Self-financed activities, to develop new skills and new products and services to propose on the market

DeMEPA activities may also be divided into these two great typologies:

  • Strategic and business oriented, aimed primarily in  definition of the  reference frame and the development trends of technologies and markets in:
    • the medium – long term. The information resulting from these activities are important for the selection of investments to be made regarding:
      • The critical and bulk  facilities and infrastructures
      • Technological  Research to solve the new incoming problems
      • Manufacturing Companies which  must respond to the new demands and developments in the electricity sector.
  • technical & scientific bases,  often related to the multidisciplinary aspects such as:
    • Critical and Bulk Infrastructures
    • Renewable Energies
    • T&D Power Systems
    • Electromechanical and Power Electronics components
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