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DeMEPA Portfolio and Experiences for T&D sector  

1. DeMEPA Experiences and References 
DeMEPAstaff has about 30 years of experiences gained on the following Countries

  •  South America; Brasil, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Perù, Bolivia
  • Europe: Italy,  France, United Kingdom, Russia,  Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Greece
  • North Mediterranean and Middle East Countries and  Africa: Lybia,  Algerie, Mozambique and South Africa
  • Asia: India and Malesia,

2. Typology of networks and systems  

DeMEPA is mainly focused on T&D infrastructurers of Medium and High Voltage, both for AC and DC application.  Special attention is given to Electromechanical and Power Electronic components and Systems. DeMEPA’s experience and references are related to:

  • MV networks;
  • HV and UHV networks;
  • HVDC interconnections;
  • Super Grids;
  • Submarine cables
  • Smart Metering;
  • Active and Smart Grids;
  • Micro Grids;
  • Industrial plant electrical networks and auxialiary ones;
  • Power plant  electrical networks and auxialiary ones.

3. DeMEPA T&D Utility Portfolio
a) Design:

  • Feasibility study;
  • Basic design;
  • Technical specification of the main components.

b)    Procurement and manufacturing:

  • Technical specifications for tendering;
  • Bidding & Awarding Process;
  • In-process Quality Assurance;
  • Inspection and witnessing of the in-factory and in-laboratory tests;
  • Design review of failed equipment during in-factory acceptance  or type tests;
  • Evaluation of test documentation supplied by the Manufacturer.

c)    Construction:

  • Supervision and Quality Assurance during construction processes.

d)    Commissioning:

  • Witnessing of in-field acceptance/performances tests;
  • First trial assistance and training on the job;
  • Technology transfer at the end of commissioning.

e)    Operation and Maintenance:

  • Maintenance plan review;
  • Condition assessment & diagnostic;
  • Failure Analysis.

f)    End of Life:

  • Disassembling and decommissioning of equipment/system and possible re-use of components.


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