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Protection, Security & Quality for T&D power system

The services are mainly addressed to Utilities, TSO’s (Transmission System Operator), DSO’s (Distribution System Operator) and  Industrial Plants .

The extensive experience of DeMEPA’s team in Electrical Power Systems  and Electromechanical Components  guarantees that the applied approach reflects the needs and requirements for an efficient electricity transmission and distribution, while ensuring reliable and cost effective operations.

The supplied services cover all the different phases of the life cycle of the power systems: design, procurement and manufacturing, construction and installation, commissioning, O&M and end of life management.

In addition to what indicated in the previous section (DeMEPA services for T&D utilitie),  DeMEPA  is particularly focused on the following services:

a)      Protection against lightings

  • Risk reviewas a result of new IEC 62305 “Lightning Protection”. This activity will be performed taking into account the:
    • risk of  human life,  public service,  cultural heritage and  economic value.
    • risks must not exceed the value indicated by the standard or fixed by the local Authority.
  • Analysis of critical plants and solutionsto protect systems and components with greater operational and economic value. The analysis foresees:
    • The critical points in the plants (if any);
    • The possible solution, such as:
      • the adoption of  protective components and Surger Arresters
      • the criteria review for SPD  coordination
      • The technical /economical optimal solution
  • Guideline preparationto:
    • Review  the risk  in the existing Power Plants (Nuclear, Thermal and Hydro),  HV/MV Substation (HV/MV) and Dispatching Centers against conducted and irradiated disturbances
    • Analyze the critical plants and define solutions

b)      Grounding system computation, with particulat attention to:

  • Industial plants
  • Power plants
  • Primary and Secundary electrical stations
  • Large Electrical Laboratories

c) Power quality, in particular:

  • estimate of the actual power quality and identification of measures  for its imporovement, with particular reference to: operation & maintenance, component replacement 
  • correlation analysis of  weather  and lightining effects  with the failures in  the T&D power system 
  • connection procedures of  customers and generators to  the T&D  power system

c)       Failure Reconstruction and analysis 

The service usually consists of:

  • A visual inspection of the failed equipment aimed to identify any possible signs  leading to the origin of the failure;
  • Evaluation of the available data relevant to the equipment history and to the system operations just before the failure;

In case the fault is not due to the equipment, search for weak points in the plant or the system, where the equipment is installed

d)     Short-circuit currents calculation and protection

In view of sizing an electrical installation and the required equipment, as well as determining the means required for the protection of life and property, short-circuit currents must be calculated for every point in the network. DeMEPA services are in compliance with IEC 60909 standards and particular requirements  coming from the Clien and are related to radial and meshed low-voltage (LV) and high-voltage (HV) circuits. DeMEPAemployes advanced calculation methods and approaches

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