The experience and the lessons learned by its Senior Advisors and  Business Developers allows DeMEPA to provide, in addition to the consultancy services, training courses tailored on the real Client need. These courses  differ from the “general purpose” courses available “on the shelf” but are specifically focused on the expectations of trainees and organized  to achieve a better learning environment.

Typical training courses proposed by DeMEPA cover :

  • topics on the organization  and management of a testing laboratory (such as technical-operative working practices, Interpretation and judgment of the test results, Measuring instruments calibration and uncertainty evaluation);
  • in-depth analysis and explanation of Standards (IEC, ANSI, STL) with the related Test Procedures,  test circuits and testing equipment to be used;
  • Setting up the Quality System of a Testing Laboratory (such as quality system manual and procedures,  Quality Certification, Accreditation);
  • Laboratory Staff training (test engineers, witnessing inspectors, etc.).


SF6 Circuit- breakers performances evolution

DeMEPA  provides classroom training courses  with the support of written documentation (pdf, word) and making references to concrete Case Studies.

Example of training performed at Client premises:

  • High Power and High Voltage Testing Laboratories held at KERI -Korean Electrotechnology Research Institute and addressed to testing engineers (2013). 
  • Market trends, Specification, Purchasing, Testing, Operation and Maintenance of Power Transformers held at Taiwan Power Company (2013).
  • Witnessing tests and inspection addressed to Electrical and Electronic Department of ITER – International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (2014) on the following items: 
    1. Transformers and Reactors,
    2. MV Switchgear,
    3. MV Motors, Power Electronics component and Cables, LV equipment.

  • Energy market and High Power Testing trends held at KERI – Korean Electrotechnology Research Institute (2016).